Grandor supply and export all type of pistachio kernels

Different types of Pistachio Kernels in dried nuts export market

It is the kernel of pistachio removed from the shell. Pistachio kernel is used in bakery, making ice cream and cookery. Grandor Company produces pistachio kernel with delightful color and taste and vacuumed it in 10 kg carton for export.

Pistachio is one of Iran’s most popular products that has a vast application in the food industry. Pistachio can either be found within its shells or as a kernel which is easier to be used. Pistachio Kernels are mostly used in pastry, chocolates, ice creams, and even less related industries such as sausage production. To this end, countries that are active in harvesting pistachio, consider producing kernels as an essential branch of their production. Similar to pistachios, pistachio kernel or unshelled pistachio provides several health benefits.


Iranian unshelled pistachio manufacture and supply

Pistachio is mostly cultivated in warm and somewhat dry parts of the earth. To this end, Middle Eastern countries as well as in the warm European countries, such as Spain, play a vital role in this particular product’s global market. Among different types of pistachio available in the market, Iranian pistachio is well-known for its taste, quality, and variety. The same conditions hold for pistachio kernels that are manufactured and produced in Iran.

Pistachio kernel can be produced from pistachios with both closed or open shells. While kernel pistachios that are produced from open-shell origins have better qualities and tastes, their production suffers from several difficulties. All of these parameters affect the final price of kernels, which are produced from open shells.

Grandor Dried nuts wholesaler export all types of Pistachio kernels
Pistachio kernels with high quality

Pistachio kernels in the Iranian Dried Nuts export market

Pistachio kernels come in a huge variety. Part of this variety of roots in the type of pistachio used for production. Long Akbari pistachio provides a long kernel while round pistachios are easily noticeable because of their roundish shape. The most general type of pistachio kernel classification is based on the production steps. Grandor company as a Dried nuts supplier export all types of pistachio kernel with best quality.

The normal pistachio kernel is recognizable with its brown and red colors. It is basically the first layer of kernel found inside the pistachio shells. They are divided into two groups of closed shells and open shells and their production is usually fully automatic. This type of kernel is particularly suitable for confectioneries and cases where no blending or powdering is needed. Some people also prefer the consumption of standard pistachio kernel, as eating it without dealing with shells is easier. Standard pistachio kernel has several essential health benefits, including:

  • Skin health: By acting as a natural moisturizer, standard pistachio kernel can provide the daily level of oil that skin needs. Therefore, including this component in the daily diet can cause better skin and shiny face.
  • Acting against aging: by having natural fats and several antioxidants, pistachio kernel is one of the most critical food ingredients for stopping aging signs. Regular usage of this product can also be useful for nerve system, heart and digestive problems, such as dynasty and diarrhea.
Grandor wholesale and export Green peeled pistachio Kernels
Green peeled pistachio Kernels

 Unshelled Pistachio

Green or peeled pistachio kernel is the inner part of the kernel after its colorful outer skin is peeled. The latter is possible after the boiling of kernels in hot water. This type of pistachio kernel is famous for its green color.

Based on different levels green peeled pistachios are classified into five groups:

  • Class A: kernels with dark green color
  • Class B: kernels with bright green color
  • Class C: kernels with very bright green color
  • Class D: kernels with a yellow-green color

Class S: Kernels with supreme green color

Green peeled pistachio kernels are among the most popular types of kernels worldwide with great application in the industry of food production. Many refer to this type of kernel as double peeled pistachio. Since green peeled pistachio kernels are the core of this product from which the protective shells are removed, proper storage of this product is of ample importance. Keeping green peeled pistachio kernels in proper plastic or glass containers in the fridge is the right way of protecting the product from germs and pests’ eggs. This product is highly sensitive to smells and odors. Therefore, it is better to keep it in closed-door containers or bags. You can keep green kernels at room temperature for three months. This time will be longer in case of keeping them inside the refrigerator.

why should use Pistachio Benefits:


  • Strengthens the brain and mind.
  • It is useful for calming the heart and calming the nerves.
  • Pistachios are recommended for opening the liver ducts.
  • Strengthen the stomach.
  • Consumption of pistachios is useful for relieving cough.
  • Pistachio treats common diarrhea and dysentery
  • Pistachio tree bark decoction is useful for relieving itching of female genitals.
  • Decoction of pistachio bark and leaves is useful for relieving anal pain and itching.

Because pistachio kernels contain good nutrients along with vitamins and are high in calories, it is recommended for athletes, students, adolescents, especially in adulthood, and for pregnant and lactating women. If you continue to consume pistachios for a long time, you can hope for improvements in blood pressure during sleep, vascular response to anxiety, and control of heart pressure.


How to keep kernel?

Pistachio kernels are capable of absorbing moisture and odors on their own, and if they are not stored properly, the growth of pests in them will accelerate and increase,” said food science and industry experts”. Therefore they can quickly lose their quality or go bad in wet and warm places. The best way of keeping pistachio kernels for a long time is to store them in cool conditions. This can keep the quality of kernels for up to 3 years. If you are sure that kernels will be consumed for less than a year, then keeping them in the fridge could be a good idea. It is well-advised that kernels are better to be kept in plastics or glass jars and containers, in dark and cold storages.


Grandornuts is one of the biggest Pistachio exporter in the world.

Pistachio experts point out that the shelf life of pistachios depends on the temperature and humidity of the environment, the shelf life of pistachio kernels at room temperature is less than the temperature of the refrigerator, and the kernels that are stored at room temperature for more than a few months have their quality. If you want to leave them at room temperature, it’s best to put them in the freezer for 48 hours to remove any larval eggs, but if you want to keep the kernels in the fridge, do so. Most of the time, the kernels can be stored in the refrigerator and freezer for a year, preferably with the skin, and can be stored in the freezer for about one to three years.

If you have kept pistachio kernels in the room temperature for a rather long time, it is better to keep them inside the fridge with a total temperature of less than 5C, before usage.

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