Grandor Co. is among the companies active in the field of exporting different types of bulk dried fruits and dried nuts including pistachios, raisins, saffron, figs, dates, apricots, and chickpeas. It was founded in 2004 to pursue the aim of exporting dried fruit & nuts to the furthest reaches of the world. The company has so far succeeded in wholesaling and exporting the highest quality Iranian dried fruit to different countries.

Grandor Co. Is to provide the market with the best quality products, which calls for preparing the raw materials with care, sorting with precision, and supplying the products in the most distinctive packages. The company has succeeded in expanding the market for its products and exporting different types of Iranian dried fruits such as pistachio, raisin and fig to 15 countries namely Morocco, Taiwan, China, Canada, Spain, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Russia, India, Egypt, South Korea, Germany, Bulgaria, Armenia, and Singapore.

Grandor Co. as a dried fruit exporter and wholesaler is hopeful of providing the world with Iranian dried fruits with the highest quality and standards.

ISO 9001-2015

ISO 14001- 2015

Halal Certificate