Green Peeled Pistachio export

Pistachios are one of the most popular types of nuts all around the world. Iran is known as a pioneered production center of high quality and tasty pistachio nut among different participants of the Dried nuts supply market. Persian pistachio nut comes with a huge variety in terms of shape, taste, quality, and prices. Among them, green peeled pistachio kernels have higher demand around the world as they can be served as snacks or essential ingredients in the food and pastry industry. peeled pistachio kernels usually have a beautiful green color but based on their different hues, they can be divided into sub-classes. Usually, the nutrition of pistachio is preserved in its inner Kernel. Thus, the green peeled kernels usually serve consumers with the same nutrition and health benefits known for pistachio.

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Iranian bulk peeled pistachio nuts for export
Green Peeled Pistachio nut

Green peeled pistachio types that are supplied for export

Green peeled pistachio kernels, globally known as double peeled pistachio or green pistachio, can be divided into further subclasses based on their main body’s visual green color:

  • Grade A: kernels with dark green color
  • Grade B: Kernels with bright green color
  • Grade C: Kernels with very bright green color
  • Grade D: Kernels with a yellow-green color

Production of Green unshelled pistachio nut kernels:

The Kernel of fully ripe pistachio has a beautiful yellowish color. To produce green peeled pistachio kernels, farmers need to harvest pistachio right before it gets fully ripe. After that, harvested pistachios will be dried under the sun and unshelled. To remove the colorful coat of their green Kernel, pistachios will be dipped in hot and boiling water for a couple of minutes. Later, their reddish coat will be mechanically removed. Peeled kernels will be dried and further be sorted based on the intensity of their green color.

Four provinces in the central parts of Iran are known as production centers of Persian pistachio. The main Iranian Pistachio suppliers and manufacturers are Kerman, Khorasan, Yazd, and Qazvin. Rafsanjan city is well known for its vast pistachio production. Thus, these provinces are the leading producers and bulk sale of peeled pistachio kernels, too.

Iranian Green peeled pistachio kernels have great taste and high quality. Production of peeled pistachio kernels has been rapidly expanded.

The main Iranian Green peeled pistachio kernels export market is in Japan, Korea, Middle East countries, and the EU.

Iranian Green unshelled pistachio wholesale and export
 Green peeled pistachio nut

Health benefits of green peeled pistachio kernels

Pistachios are one of the oldest nuts in the world that are known to have several health benefits. Green peeled pistachio kernels are rich sources of proteins, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that are essential for the health and proper functionality of the body. Regular intake of peeled pistachio kernels can reduce the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and hypertension. Pistachio kernels are full of energy. Including them in a daily diet will provide a great source of healthy energy without gaining extra weight. Pistachio kernels are also particularly crucial for healing digestive problems, such as diarrhea or peptic ulcer disease.

Usage of Green peeled pistachio kernels

Green peeled pistachio kernels have significant applications in the food and pastry industry. They can be used as an ingredient to food recipes (such as Italian pesto sauce or the production of sausages) or as an additional and final touch in ice creams or pastry products. In fact, many know peeled pistachio kernels as a luxury aura and distinction of such products. peeled pistachio kernels are usually used in recipes where a small quantity of this substance is required. They are popular because of their beautiful color and enhanced taste that can improve the design and taste of foods and pastry products. peeled pistachio kernels can also be used as snacks or in a mixture of different nuts. Many diets suggest the daily use of peeled pistachio kernels as part of breakfast or midday snacks to keep the body’s energy balanced.

Grandor Dried Nuts Company export the best quality green peeled pistachio
High quality peeled pistachio kernels

How to store green peeled pistachio kernels

Pistachio shell act as a protecting coat around the inner Kernel of this nut. They can preserve nuts from insects and contamination such as aflatoxin. Such hazards are particularly common for pistachios that are kept in dark and humid places. Without shells, kernels are more vulnerable to these environmental parameters. Therefore, keeping peeled kernels for longer duration might be challenging. To reduce such effects, it is advised to keep peeled kernels in glass or plastic containers with closed doors in cold places. If you want to keep kernels for a long time, it is better to keep them in freezers or fridges. Do not keep peeled kernels at room temperature or in humid places. This can increase the chance of contamination.

Moreover, it is advised to do not keep kernels under the sunlight. This can further affect the taste and quality of kernels. If you want to keep the peeled pistachio kernels in cupboards, make sure that they are in closed-door containers. Before usage, store them in the fridge for two to three hours.    Thus, avoid keeping kernels in the cupboard for more than two to three days. Heating the kernels can remove aflatoxin and thus, reduces the risks mentioned above, to some extent.

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