Long Pistachio Akbari export

Introduction of long Akbari Iranian Pistachio

long Akbari Pistachio is known as being a luxury and unique product of Iran. This type of pistachio is easily recognizable with the long and elongated shape of its kernel as well as its delicate and unique taste. Akbari The long type of Iranian Pistachios or as many in the global market refer to it “the long Pistachio,” is mostly cultivated in the warm and central provinces of Iran, such as the Rafsanjan. The long Pistachio is among the nutrient-rich foods, providing several different benefits for the health of the body.

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Cultivation and production of Iranian pistachio Akbari

The long Akbari Pistachio structure is easily recognizable among other varieties of pistachio, due to its large structure and dark skin. The regular size of each long Pistachio can be sorted into three different sizes: 22/24, 20/22, and 18/20.

This popular type of pistachio is handpicked mostly during September and October, and Iran is the biggest producer of this type of famous pistachio. The long Akbari Pistachio is naturally open and can be found in three types of raw Akbari pistachio, roasted pistachio, and roasted-salted. In fact, long Pistachio is among those small groups of pistachios for which the raw version (without any additives) is more popular than the roasted ones. This is due to the natural rich taste of this product.

You can keep the long Pistachio for two years in a cold and dark place. The long Pistachio has the highest economic demand and value as a luxury dried nut in both the global and local markets. In fact, a noticeable fraction of long Pistachio consumers are inside the country.

Among other countries, the long pistachio is remarkably famous too and, in fact, is known directly as a product of Iran. In comparison to other types of pistachios, the long Akbari Pistachio remains longer on the tree before harvesting and therefore is more vulnerable to aflatoxin. The latter will be checked during the quality evaluation of products by corresponding authorities.

Different types of long Akbari Pistachio:

Based on the type and its condition by the time of harvesting, the long Pistachio can be classified into different types.


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types of Long Pistachio

Akbari Pistachio is rich in nutrition

Pistachio is a very nutrition-rich substance that brings several different benefits to the body. In every 100 grams of long Akbari Pistachio lies around 557 calories. This type of pistachio is often known as a great source of energy while providing low levels of calories. One of the main benefits of pistachio lies in the presence of unsaturated fatty acids that can help the body to replace bad cholesterol with good and beneficial ones.

Pistachio full of mineral

A considerable amount of minerals are found in all types of pistachios, particularly in long Akbari Pistachio. Such minerals contain zinc, iron, selenium, potassium, magnesium, and copper. Therefore a proper daily consuming of pistachio can increase the functionality of the body’s neuron system as well as its metabolism.

The long Akbari Pistachio is known as a great source of antioxidants, and its consumption can decrease the risk of cancer. Antioxidants are essential for health, and not many nuts are as rich as the long Pistachio in this regard.

Moreover, similar to other types of pistachio, the long Akbari Pistachio contains a noticeable amount of zeaxanthin and lutein. These two particular antioxidants are vital for the health of the eyes. The latter means that for those people who work regularly with computers and are looking at the monitors for a long time, regular consumption of pistachio is vital. Pistachio can also be helpful for those who are suffering from age-related diseases.

The long Akbari Pistachio is rich in protein. Pistachio contains amino acids that are essential for the body but is unable to produce it. In this case, diet is the only resource for the body to maintain the level of these amino acids, and therefore, pistachio can be an excellent source for that.

Many different studies also show that long Akbari Pistachio can help in losing weight and to lower the blood pressure since it is classified as weight-loss-friendly food.

While regular consumption of pistachio can have several benefits, overtaking this substance can affect the standard functionality of the body drastically. Overconsumption of this substance can increase body temperature, causing rashes and hives.

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