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Drying fruits is a technique with a long history that dates back to centuries ago. Dried fruit & nuts suppliers and wholesalers were mainly popular in Middle East countries, such as Iran, Iraq, and Turkey, to preserve fruits and meats for more extended periods. In today’s world, such products are known as one of the most popular snacks worldwide. Iran is one of the leading countries in the Middle East in the production, supply and export of dried fruits. Corresponding companies participate in the global market by drying and producing several different types of dried fruit, such as figs, apricots, and Dried grapes Raisins.

Dried fruits that Iran manufactures are found nowhere on earth. There is no other option in dried fruits and nuts that can compete with the quality and taste of Iranian dried fruits.

Due to this fact, many companies are busy in the dry fruits export business and export these dried fruits worldwide.

Iranian dried fruits, as we see, have a vast market demand. One of the major exporters and manufacturers of dried fruits in Iran is the Grandornuts which has made its path through success and is in the heart of the consumer’s thanks to its excellent quality dried fruits.

In this regard, glue your eyes to the screen until we highlight more about the company and its production, which in this case is the dried fruits.

Dried Fruits

Did you know that the consumption of dried fruits is widespread these days? Almost half of the dried fruits sold are raisins, followed by dates, prunes, figs, apricots, peaches, apples, and pears.

These are known as “conventional” or “conventional” dried fruits. Dry in the sun or a heated wind tunnel dryer. Many fruits such as cranberries, blueberries, cherries, strawberries, and mangoes have sweeteners added before drying.

Most of the products sold as dried fruits such as papaya, kiwi, and pineapple are candied fruits. Grandornuts has taken responsibility for exporting one of the best dried fruits, and you can even place your orders on their official website once you visit their page at

Dried fruits are packed with micronutrients and fiber.

Dried fruits contain about the same nutrients as fresh fruits but are compressed into much smaller packages. Dried fruits contain up to 3.5 times more fiber, vitamins, and minerals than fresh fruits.

Therefore, one serving can provide most of the recommended daily intake of many vitamins and minerals, such as folic acid.

However, there are some exceptions. For example, drying fruits significantly reduces their vitamin C content. Dried fruits are primarily high in fiber and are an excellent source of antioxidants, especially polyphenols.

Polyphenol antioxidants are associated with health benefits such as improved circulation, improved gastrointestinal health, reduced oxidative damage, and reduced risk of many illnesses.

What are the dried fruits varieties in Iran?

Dried fruits are some kind of fruits that have been dried by dehydrating, either in a natural way or by machines as artificially. Some kinds of popular Dried Fruit and Nuts are Raisins, Dates, Pistachios, Figs and Dried Apricots. These kinds of dried varieties of fruits are traditional in Iran many years ago.

The dried grapes as raisins are at the top of dry fruits production and exportation. Nowadays, there are many other types of dry fruits that are also available in Iran. These kinds of Iranian dried fruits are like Apples, Bananas, Mangoes, Peaches, Pineapples, Pears, Tomatoes and many other varieties.

What kind of Iranian dried fruits are popular?

The European countries are the largest market for edible dried fruits in the world. The United Kingdom and the Netherlands are at the top of the consumers which imported these kinds of needs from other countries.

Turkey was the leading country in dry fruits exporter in 2017. The income of this country of this exportation around the world was about 304 million USD worth.

Iran is at the first rank of fruit production countries in the Middle East and North of Africa. Iran is also in the eighth rank in worldwide. Most of the Iranian fruit could be converted to dried ones.

Raisins are the same as dried grapes are the popular Iranian dried fruits. As there are grapes varieties, it is natural to find this variety in raisins.

In the Iranian market, varieties of raisins are given different names depending on the type of grapes, the method and conditions of drying and its authorized additives.

Sultana raisins and Golden raisins are two kinds of famous and popular raisins varieties which produced grapes. The major export markets for Iranian raisins are European countries, Africa and Asia.

Iranian dried Fig is another kind of dried fruit which is very high in sugar (roughly 60%). It’s worth mentioning that dried fig has 5 times as much sugar as the fresh one.  The Iranian fig is left to be dried on the tree without using any additive.


Iranian dried fruits varieties and benefits

If you are looking for a delicious way to improve your general health, dried fruit varieties with protein are one of the best options. Most people know that fruits and vegetables are an important part of any healthy diet, but the sweetness of dried fruits makes some people look at them more like candy than a nutritious snack. The good thing about dried fruit is that it is much smaller than fresh fruit and has a much longer shelf life.

Dried fruit varieties are the same fresh fruit that has lost its juice, whether dried in the sun or with deodorizing agents that quickly remove moisture from the fruit, but the best thing about dried fruit varieties is that in most cases the same nutrients are found in fresh fruit. Aside from the loss of small amounts of nutrients, dried fruits are a popular snack with thousands of years of history due to their high levels of nutrients that are essential for the body.

What is the difference between dried fruit varieties and fresh fruit?

In any case, whether fresh or dried, the fruit is good for you and has its benefits. Normally, dried fruit can be a good snack to ward off hunger, and it can be stored for a long time, so it can be a good alternative to fresh fruit out of season. Some vitamins are usually lost during the drying process, but minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and other organic acids remain intact.

Despite the benefits of dried fruit, experts believe that the most important distinguishing feature of dried fruit varieties from fresh fruit is the evaporation of water, which contains significant amounts of nutrients. Of course, dried fruit varieties are useful for consumption in certain conditions, such as off the seasons or used in sports such as mountaineering, where it is not possible to carry a lot of weight. Doctors recommend consuming at least 2 glasses of chopped fruit a day, if possible if it is fresh.

Dried fruit varieties and Iranian dried fruits benefits

Fruits are the only food group that has all the nutritional values and are rich in vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants that you should eat to stay fresh and safe from any disease. So following, we want to review Iranian dried fruits benefits and dried fruit varieties.

Apricots as Iranian dried fruits:

Each cup of dried apricots contains 4.4 grams of protein, 9 grams of fiber and more than 300 calories. This amount of dried apricots provides more than 40 percent of your daily potassium needs and about 20 percent of your iron. Apricots contain large amounts of vitamin A and carotenoid antioxidants.

Dried fruit varieties such as apricots are great for growing and improving digestion due to their high amounts of dietary fiber. Because it is relatively low in calories, it is suitable for people who are looking to lose weight and is also good for high blood pressure due to its potassium content. Vitamin A in it improves vision, reduces oxidative stress and increases blood flow in the body.

Figs ‘dried fruits benefits:

Dried figs can be a perfectly healthy and amazing snack, but keep in mind that dried fruits have a much higher calorie content than fresh ones, which you should pay more attention to. Gandor Dried Fruits exporter wholesale bulk Dried Figs.

Raisins dried fruits benefits:

One cup of raisins contains 5 grams of protein, 380 calories and about 60 percent of your daily fiber needs. This popular dried fruit provides more than 10 percent of your daily requirement of potassium, vitamin K, iron, magnesium and calcium. Raisins lower cholesterol, regulate blood sugar levels and cleanse the digestive tract. Raisins are commonly used for laxatives, but they also lower high blood pressure, help you sleep better, strengthen bones, and help people with bleeding disorders. Sulfur dioxide is often used in the production of raisins. Which can be a big risk for people with allergies.

Iranian Dried fruits
Sultana raisins, Golden raisins

Grandornuts is one of the biggest Pistachio exporter in the world.

Date varieties as dried fruits:

Essential minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc are found in date varieties as dried fruits. Date varieties also contain various vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin A. and vitamin K. Dates are also one of the best foods with the ability to regulate the digestive process and can significantly increase energy intake within 30 minutes after consumption.


What are the benefits of drying the fruits?

– Many consumers around the world are interested in it, because they have no additives or preservatives and are completely natural and organic, also due to the absence of fat, sugar or salt, it is suitable for everyone.


What are the different uses of dried fruits?

have many uses among consumers. As follow there are some utilizes of their varieties:
– A natural and healthy snack for all ages, especially for children, seniors and athletes
– Consuming as a flavoring for herbal teas
– Diets and dietary supplements for people who are losing weight
– Supplying calories for athletes, especially climbers (due to low volume and high calories
– Consume as a nutrition military ration or food for rescue teams/mountaineering teams/nature camps


Dried fruits Export Market

For centuries, residents of the planet Earth tried different techniques to extract most of the fruits’ moisture and water content. This eliminates the risk of bacteria and prolongs the preservation period of fruits and foods. Drying fruits comes with a lot of advantages, namely: earlier preservation, higher nutrition contents, and the natural sweetness of fruits.

Humankind was familiar with dried fruits as the first evidence of their existence dates back to 2000-1700 BC. Paintings on the walls and ceilings of caves in Mesopotamia indicate the existence of dried fruits at that time. In the bible, there are several hints to dried raisins and figs. Raisins are the oldest and the most popular type of dried fruits all around the world. Iran produces and exports three different kinds of raisins, which are golden raisins, sultana raisins, and green raisins.

Dried plums also have a long history, and many believe that their popularity and production follow the same trend as raisins. Other types of dried fruits, including dried apples, apricots, and berries, are considered more modern products of this industry as their first production has taken place around the 1800s.

Selling and exporting all kinds of dried fruits, Like raisins, saffron, apricot
kinds of Mixed dried fruits

Are all fruits suitable for drying?

Dried fruits are known as one of the high-energy snacks that provide nutrition and several different health benefits. Part of these benefits is, in fact, the original nutritiousness of the fruit, which has been dehydrated and dried. In ancient times when supply chains and markets were not developed and people could not utilize high tech facilities, such as refrigerators, using dried food and fruits was one possible solution for preserving food. With this technique, it is possible to prolong the preservation of foods and fruits, but not all the available options in the market are suitable for drying. Some fruits, such as Avocado, will become a pure source of fat after dehydration. To this end, drying them will not be a healthy choice. Not to mention that dehydration of such fruits will be a very long and challenging task, as these fruits mostly consist of water.


Why we should include dried fruits in our daily diet?

Storage of dried fruits is much easier and less challenging than fresh fruit. Bacteria can quickly grow on the surface of fresh fruits while setting a limitation on storage and duration of which you can use fresh fruits. On the other hand, dried fruits are immune to bacteria contamination, and one can keep them for years under proper storage conditions. This is particularly helpful for those people who plan long-distance trips or are fans of climbing and camping. Necessary facilities during camping can limit the possibility of taking fresh fruits, but dried ones are less heavy and easier for storage.

Dried fruits are a great source of healthy calories. They can boost your energy level without the risk of fat gain. However, one should notice that dried fruits are less bigger than their original fresh versions. Therefore, eating more dried fruits of the same type as their fresh version is more probable. The latter can easily be translated to more calorie intake.

For instance, one may not be successful in taking three apricots in two hours, but it is much easier to hit this record with the dried version. The other important issue is the amount of added sugar. Some of the dried food suppliers add sugar to dried fruits, and this can introduce some unhealthy sources of calories. This can be easily determined by the packaging or suppliers’ reports for each product, but it is a crucial matter to be taken into account.

Recent studies declare that diets rich in plant phenols can reduce the rate of diabetes, heart disease, degenerative brain diseases, and different kinds of cancer. Dried fruits are a great source of phenols. Phenols are initially antioxidants that, along with the fiber, can be found in vegetables and fruits, and therefore in dried fruits. The fiber content of these products can also reduce obesity, different types of cancers, and heart diseases. Dried fruits are also a rich source of vitamins that can effectively increase the body’s functionality and the immune system.

supply and wholesale of Iranian dried fruits
Production of dried fruits

Drying fruits and foods: Techniques

Dehydration techniques vary based on the type of food and fruits. The production timescales, limits, and final cost of such procedures are also critical factors for dry fruit companies and suppliers. One can force the moisture evaporation of fruits by heating them. The other possible way is to utilize airflow for taking the moisture off fruits. However, drying fruits is not as easy as explained above.

Based on the type of fruit and duration of production, a delicate balance between humidity and temperature is needed for a successful dehydration procedure. Any failure in this section can cause the growth of bacteria and other contaminants in the dried fruit. Such contaminations are an apparent failure in the business.

Different methods of drying fruits are as follow:

  • Drying fruit using sunlight: This is a traditional technique, which has been used since centuries ago. In this method, fruits will be laid under direct sunlight and based on their type and water content, they will be dried within a week or a month. This method, also known as “natural drying,” is more practical in regions with long and hot summers. Countries or regions with a humid or high rate of rain are not prosperous in this method. Sun-drying fruits is a rather lengthy procedure, which cannot be a good option for big companies and suppliers with high monthly demands.
  • Drying fruits with heat: Drying fruits with heat and particularly in the oven is a rather new method. Food dehydration in the oven takes place in temperatures between 140 to 150 Fahrenheit. Final products have good quality, and the success rate of this technique is higher than the natural drying. Products can also be ready in shorter time intervals, which makes this dehydration technique an option for businesses and companies.
  • Drying fruits with the help of dehydrators: These machines are very similar to convection ovens. They provide adequate heat and convection of air while working at low powers. Dehydrators use the hot airflow to remove moisture content of fruits. The latter takes place in a fast and more efficient way. Dehydrators are available at different sizes and capacities and are mostly used by Dry fruit suppliers and big companies.

The critical role of pretreatment in drying fruits

Dehydration should not eliminate the health benefits of foods, nutrition, or color. Moreover, successful dehydration removes all the moisture competent of fruits, leaving no place for further bacterial growth. To achieve such goals, pretreating is essential for some groups of fruits, such as apples, peaches, pears, and apricots.

Pretreating can be a chemical or natural liquid. The original version of this liquid usually consists of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), water, and citric acid. Such mixture preserves the antioxidants, color, and other nutrition of fruits while eliminating any potentially harmful bacteria. Pretreating takes place right before drying.

exporter company grandor produce and supply Iranian Dried fruits
Dried Nuts and Dried Fruits

Suitable packaging for storing and exporting dried fruits

Drying fruits and food prolongs their durability. However, it is well-advised to keep dried fruit in closed bags or containers. This can prevent them from absorbing the available moisture of the environment. The latter can increase their vulnerability to the growth of harmful bacteria. Dried fruit need to be kept in cool places and away from the direct sunlight. This prevents them from losing their vitamin content and antioxidants.

Health benefits of dried fruits:

Dried fruits have many health benefits, and including them in the daily diet can be beneficial for the body. Some of such benefits are as follow:

  • Dried fruits contain a significant amount of Iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, and low carbohydrate content. These factors can boost the body’s immune system.
  • Dried fruits contain a noticeable amount of polysaccharides. This substance can reduce anxiety and depression as it increases levels of serotonin and melatonin.
  • Dried fruits contain a right amount of antioxidants. Thus, they can improve insulin response in the body and therefore reduce inflammation of the pancreas. They can also help reduce the risk of cancer.


Iranian dry fruit supplier: Grandor Co

Grandor Co is an Iranian company that was established in 2004. The main aim of this company is to provide high-quality dry fruit for countries all around the world. Products of this company are carefully selected from high-quality fruits and with a modern yet efficient production line, they are supplied to many countries worldwide, including Taiwan, China, Spain, Vietnam, Russia, India, Germany, Bulgaria, Singapore, Canada, Czech Republic, Egypt,  Morocco, Armenia, and South Korea and etc. Gandor Co provides a great variety of Iranian dried fruit, including pistachio, dates, figs, raisins, plums, chickpeas and apricots.


Health Benefits of Dried Fruits

After knowing the health benefits of dried fruits, we will understand why there is a massive demand behind the export of dried fruits and the vast market demand apart from its fantastic taste.

Some of the excellent health benefits are stated below such as:


Diabetes Prevention and Management

Dried fruits are rich in sugar but can prevent and reduce the risk of diabetes. Common dried fruits such as raisins contain antioxidants. Antioxidants in dried fruits may improve insulin response. It can also prevent oxidative stress and inflammation of the pancreas.

Strengthen The Immune System

Dried fruits help to strengthen the immune system quickly. They are considered superfoods that contain iron, vitamin A, and vitamin C. They are also lower in calories and carbohydrates.

Reduces Anxiety and Depression Symptoms

Dried Goji Berry can also reduce anxiety and depression. Goji berry, for example, polysaccharides can increase melatonin and serotonin levels. This reduces stress and depression.

Promotes Weight Loss

Certain dried fruits such as apricots, dates, prunes, and raisins can increase metabolism. Increased metabolism can improve energy and promote weight loss.

Improves Heart Health 

Dried fruits can also improve heart health. An ounce of dried fruit contains more antioxidants and fiber than an ounce of fresh fruit. These ingredients are essential for keeping your heart healthy.

Prevents Anemia and High Blood Pressure

Many dried fruits, such as apricots, are rich in potassium. Helps prevent high blood pressure and palpitations. Iron is also found in apricots, prunes, and raisins. Increasing iron intake from dried fruits may help reduce the risk of anemia.

Reduces The Risk of Mental Illness

Dried berries, such as strawberries and blueberries, may help promote mental health. They are rich in antioxidants and help prevent memory loss and other mental illnesses. These are ideal for the elderly who are prone to dementia.

Now we know the reason behind the craze for dried fruits. If you desire to order the best, then make sure you get it from the best such as Grandornuts.

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