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Fresh or dried fruit, which is better?

Of course, the question is, fresh or dried fruit which is better?  Let’s take a look at which one is better:Because the use of all fruits is not available in fresh form, except for its own season, so human beings have long tried to do this by drying and in previous years by freezing so that fresh fruits be used in these ways throughout the year.

To answer, drying some fruits reduces the salts and vitamins in those fruits.  However, not all changes that occur during the drying process of fresh fruits are negative, and sometimes drying some of them will retain some of the vitamins and significant effects.

For example, dried plums have more laxative properties than fresh ones, or other dried fruits such as figs, Dried grapes, berries, etc. have more antioxidant properties than fresh ones.


Comparing the nutrients fresh or dried fruit

Drying fruit has some negative effects on nutrients, the most important of which is to reduce, eliminate some vitamins such as vitamin C and folic acid.

However, not all changes in dried fruits are just destructive, and there are usually special effects for the dry state of some fruits that are less pronounced in the new season.

For example, dried plums, dried figs, and dried berries have a more laxative effect than fresh ones. Some dried fruits have up to four times their antioxidants.


Foods high in nutrients are those that contain large amounts of vitamins, minerals, or other health-promoting compounds with relatively few calories.  Fresh or dried fruits are both good and nutritious. The main difference between the two choices is that extracting water from dried fruits condenses both nutrients and calories.


Compare by Quantity

Calories and sugar of fresh or dried fruit

Fresh or dried fruit contain about the same amount of calories and sugar per serving.  For example, a serving of dried apples, equivalent to 1.4 cups, has 52 calories and 12 grams of sugar, and a serving of fresh apples, equivalent to 1 serving, contains 65 calories and 13 grams of sugar.  However, if you are losing weight, it is better to use fresh fruit because the fresh fruit has more volume and water.


Vitamins A, B and C

During fruit drying, a number of nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin B, folate thiamine and vitamin A become unstable and the amount is reduced. usually, sulfur is used to prevent the fruit from turning brown during the drying process.  In addition, it protects more vitamin C and other dried fruit vitamins, but almost eliminates thiamine.


Fresh or dried fruit minerals

Minerals are also found in higher amounts in fresh fruits.  This amount is less in dried fruit. The high concentration of minerals makes fresh fruits a more nutritious choice than dried fruits.

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Compare the calorie of fresh fruit with dried fruits

Fresh or dried fruit apricot

Sulfur dioxide is commonly used to preserve the orange color and softness of dried apricots.  In fact, apricots turn brown if they dry naturally, and in no way can they retain their orange color and freshness.

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 Fresh or dried fruit Figs

Dried figs can be a perfectly healthy and good snack, but keep in mind that dried fruits have a much higher calorie content than fresh ones, which you should pay close attention to.

The effects of dried fruit on health have shown that people who eat dried fruit are less likely to lose weight and consume more nutrients than those who do not eat dried fruit. Dried fruits are an excellent source of many plant compounds, including powerful antioxidants.

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Should Dried Fruits Be Avoided?

A healthy and balanced diet includes fruits.  Fresh fruit is sure to benefit from the higher content of some vitamins, such as vitamin C, but the mineral and fiber content is maintained during the drying process, so you don’t need to avoid dried fruits.

But if you want to maintain your weight or lose weight, you need to be as careful as your meals and calorie content of dried fruit.

Although when dried, contact with light and oxygen (at least to some extent) destroys and reduces the nutrient content of the fruit, consumption of dried fruit to diversify the taste and as an alternative to unhealthy sweet snacks and sweets? Is. Overall, fresh or dried fruit has beneficial nutritional properties; but dried fruits are not a substitute for the two to four units of fruit recommended per day, and the best way to use them is to mix them with fresh fruit, for example, with breakfast cereals or with fresh fruits for reception.


Fresh or dried fruit is good for you and has benefits.  Normally, dried fruit can be a good snack to quench hunger and can be stored for a long time, so it can be a good alternative to fresh fruit outside of season.

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