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Fig is a plant indigenous to western Asia, having been under cultivation in Iran for millennia. Fig has a tasty, nutritious and energy booster fruit consumed fresh or dry. Fig is high in iron, calcium, phosphorous, sodium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, chlorine, sulfurous, copper and vitamin A, B and C. Iranian dried fig is another kind of dried fruit that is very high in sugar (roughly 60%). It’s worth mentioning that dried fig has 5 times as much sugar as the fresh one. The Iranian fig is left to be dried on the tree without using any additive.

Grandor Company is a wholesaler and bulk exporter of Dried Figs, Moisten fig and Baby Figs. All products of this company are exported to most parts of the world with the highest quality and best prices to international standards.  Moisten fig is packed in small packages which tip the scale at 250 and 400 g and large packages which tip the scale at 10 kg. Dried fig is exported in 10 kg packages.

Fig is sorted to size as follows:

Closed Mouth Slightly open mouth
AA: Between 22-28 mm AA: Between 22-28 mm
A: Between 18-22 mm A: Between 18-22 mm
B: Between 14-18 mm



Dried figs healthy Dried Fruit

Figs are one of the most popular types of fruits all around the world. They are usually cultivated in Mediterranean and western Asian regions with moderate and dry climates. Figs come with different varieties, which is due to the different types of Ficus trees that they grow on. Figs can be consumed both fresh and dried.

Dried figs are among the most popular and tasty and nutritious dried fruits that have many benefits. They are high in dietary fiber and removes constipation and prevent other digestive problems.


Dried figs in Food Industry and food Market?

One of the common questions is how to use dried figs? soak the dried figs, just place a few figs (about 1 or 2) in a glass of warm water and allow to stand for at least 2 hours. You can also soak figs in milk. Soaked figs are very effective in treating constipation and should be consumed fast. After you have cut the fig in half in the middle and it is safe to wash it, pour it in the milk and refrigerate in a pan for 1 to 2 days. When soaked, pour into the mixer and add the rose water, pour it in a glass and enjoy it. Grandor is one of the Dried figs manufacturers and suppliers that wholesale all types of bulk Figs in India, Germany, Hong Kong…

They are known as delicious snacks, but different cooking and baking recipes appreciate Figs’ presence in savory or sweet dishes. You can find hundreds of tiny seeds inside each fig. These seeds are edible and have made Figs special fruits as they add nutrients and texture to them, which can be felt both in fresh and dried figs.

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Benefits of Iranian Dried Figs

Are dried figs healthy? As you know they have low calories, so can be considered a good snack for those who are trying to lose weight. Dried figs will not let you develop high blood pressure. The antioxidants in them always keep you healthy and are a strong barrier to cancer. Adjust your bone’s health by consuming one fig daily. If you have iron deficiency and anemia, only balance the available blood levels with this dried fruit. One of the benefits and properties of dried figs is that it increases physical strength.

Weight management

Fiber-rich foods and snacks are suitable choices for weight-loss. These types of foods are also essential for daily diet as they can have a proper impact on the digestive system while reducing the dangers of different diseases, such as diabetes type 2 and cancer. Dried figs are a rich source of fiber, and therefore, inducing them in your daily diet can be beneficial in many different aspects. According to different studies, the consumption of them can reduce your hunger feeling and, therefore, reduces the number of times you crave for more food, or in their words, calories. To this end, dried figs are counted as beneficial for weight-loss strategies.

Blood pressure

How many times do you eat processed food weekly? Processed foods are high in Sodium, which has several different side effects, including high blood pressure, heart and kidney diseases, and digestive disorders. One way to reduce such harmful impacts is to increase the potassium content of your daily diet. Dried figs are rich sources of potassium and therefore are essential for lowering blood pressure, better blood circulation, and preventing severe diseases in the long term.

Reproductive health

Dried figs are a rich source of Manganese, iron, zinc, and magnesium. To this end, dried figs were cherished in ancient Greek and India. They used to be a symbol of love and fertility, as they were believed to have natural aphrodisiac. All the chemical content of dried figs are proved to be useful for improving reproductive health, reducing Premenstrual syndrome in women. Moreover, thanks to their high level of antioxidants and fiber, they are usually suggested to prevent postmenopausal breast cancer and hormonal imbalances.

The health of the heart: According to studies, the primary reason behind most of the heart diseases is triglycerides. They are fat particles in the bloodstreams and are basically dangerous for the body. Moreover, blockage of coronary arteries in the heart is mostly due to free radicals, triglycerides, and high blood pressure. All these harmful circumstances can be prevented by regular consumption of dried figs.

Digestive problems

As mentioned earlier, dried figs are rich in fibers, and therefore they are particularly beneficial for the digestive system. Regular intake of they can be beneficial for constipation, maintaining the bowel’s regular movements, and easing the digestion. To maintain a healthy digestive system, it is advised to include dried figs in your daily diet.

The health of bones

Dried figs are beneficial for promoting and maintaining the health of bones. To maintain healthy bones, a normal human body needs around 1000 mg of Calcium per day. The human body cannot produce Calcium, and therefore it needs to meet its requirements from external sources. Even if you consume milk regularly, there is a high chance that you do not meet the calcium threshold. Therefore, you need to include other Calcium sources to your diet. One proper source is dried fig.

Dried fig water enhances the digestive, respiratory and liver systems. Useful for people with anemia. Strengthens the kidneys and bladder and is effective in treating frequent urination. Dried fig water is febrifuge and can be used to treat colds. Consuming fig water relieves inflammation of the bowel and digestive tract and is also useful in the treatment of gastric ulcers. Dried fig water should not be consumed in the following cases:

  • Eating fig water is not suitable for poor livers.
  • Excessive consumption of fig water causes flatulence and diarrhea.
  • Because figs are warm in nature, excessive consumption of them results in the concentration of blood in hot-natured persons.
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