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Round Fandoghi Pistachio It is one of the most important commercial cultivars of pistachio. It is well-established and adaptable to most regions in which pistachio is cultivated. It is produced in 60% to 70% of pistachio orchards of Rafsanjan City. It is round and sorted in sizes of 28/30 and 30/32. The tree is almost 3 m high with average growth and extensive crown.

Round Fandoghi Pistachio, also known as Round Pistachio, is one of the most popular types of Iranian pistachio and a dominant product in Iran’s international export market. Around 80 percent of Iran’s yearly export consists of Round Fandoghi pistachio, which is well-known globally due to its reasonable price. Fandoghi Pistachio is easily recognizable by its flat shape index and roundish appearance. In fact, the round Fandoghi pistachio is the smallest type of Iranian pistachios and one can slightly compare its size with hazelnut. This pistachio has many applications in the food industry and is full of healthy nutrition.

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What you need to know about Round Fandoghi Pistachio

Round pistachio is smaller and more roundish in comparison to other types of pistachios, like Ahmad Aghaei and Akbari Pistachio. They are available in different sizes, including 30/32, 28/30. On average, each pistachio of this type has a height of 18.24 mm, a width of 11.73 mm, and a diameter of 11.66. The latter clearly indicates its roundish shape.

Shells of round Fandoghi pistachio has a beautiful cream color. Most of the round pistachio will open on the tree and before the harvesting process. However, this number can vary based on the season and other important factors, such as the amount of water, average temperature of harvesting year, type of soil and harvesting time.

Production of round Fandoghi pistachio

Round Fandoghi pistachio is mostly cultivated in central parts of Iran, particularly in provinces of Kerman, Zarand, and parts of Khorasan. The main center of round pistachio production is the city of Rafsanjan, in Kerman provinces. Trees of this particular type of pistachio are 3 meters high and usually bloom in the first half of April and in the duration of 10 to 11 days. The leaves of the round Fandoghi pistachio tree are either three-leafed or five-leafed and the length of each leaflet is on average 16cm.

Round Fandoghi pistachio trees can be easily recognizable with the bright green color of their leaves. Usually, around 73 percent of pistachios on each tree are naturally opened, and 18 percent of them will be harvested with closed shells. The latter type can then be opened using mechanical procedures. Among different types of Iranian pistachio, a significant fraction of round pistachio is usually harvested with closed shells. This is one reason for the lower price of around Fandoghi pistachio compared to other available types in the market. Harvesting usually takes place during September every year.

Fandoghi pistachio in the global pistachio export market

Among different types of pistachios that Iran exports annually, round Fandoghi pistachio plays a vital role. In fact, this type of pistachio is considered as the number one in terms of the amount of annual export. There are many reasons for this worldwide popularity. Round pistachio has a good flavor and is tasteful. On the other hand, round pistachio’s small size means a larger number of pistachios per kilo. These parameters make round Fandoghi pistachio an economical choice in the global market and add to its popularity and value. As a result, 80 percent of Iran’s round pistachio is exported every year. The small size of round Fandoghi pistachio also makes them the right candidate for mixed nuts.

Grandor as a Dried Fruit and Nuts supplier is one of the wholesalers of Iranian Pistachio (Ahmad Aghaei, Long Akbari, Round Fandoghi, Jumbo Kalleh Ghouchi Pistachio) and export them to Morocco, Taiwan, China, Canada, Spain, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Russia, India, Egypt, South Korea, Germany, Bulgaria, Armenia, and Singapore.

Nutrition and health benefits of round pistachio:

Every 100 grams of round Fandoghi pistachio contains 54 grams of fat, 500 grams of Phosphorus, and 950 grams of potassium. According to these numbers, this particular type of pistachio is a rich source of calories and energy. Proteins in pistachio will be broken down into different amino acids, which are particularly crucial for repairing damaged tissues of the body or creating new molecules. The protein can also be helpful for the diets and functionality of the body. Phosphorus in pistachio is an essential element for the physiological functions of the body as well as its physiological reactions. This element would help the body to increase the strength of bones and boost the overall energy of individuals.

Like other types of pistachios, round Fandoghi pistachio contains a lot of necessary antioxidants, which are essential to keep the body safe from radicals and, therefore, the danger of different kinds of cancers.

Round Fandoghi pistachio is also a rich source for different types of vitamins, including B1, A, B3, and B6. These are essential substances for preventing the body from the risk of different cancers, heart problems, and cognitive dysfunctions. B6 can also help increase brain functionality and the time of body reactions.

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Round Fandoghi Pistachio Benefits

How to store round Fandoghi pistachio

Since nuts, such as pistachio, are an excellent environment for insects, the proper storage of these types of foods would be critical. To keep pistachios properly, you need first check if they are protected with shells or not. Pistachios with shells can be kept at room temperature for a couple of days. It is better to keep them inside a bag or a closed plastic container. If you are willing to keep them for a longer time, it is well-advised to store them inside the fridge. Pistachios without shell should not be kept out of a container or in the room temperature for more than a couple of hours. Since these types of pistachios do not have a shell, they are most vulnerable to insects. If you keep pistachios inside cupboards, you need to store them in plastic or glass containers with closed doors. It is better to store them inside the fridge for 2-3 hours before using it. You can store pistachios with open shells up to two years inside the refrigerator.

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