Ahmad Aghaie Pistachio nuts

Ahmad Aghaie Pistachio, It is one of the commercial and high quality cultivars. It is long and its shell is white in color. Ahmad Aghaie Pistachio is sorted in sizes of 20/22, 22/24, 24/26 and 26/28.

Ahmad Aghaie Pistachio’s kernel skin is red and the kernel is green in color, which has led to its high grade compared with the other types of pistachio. Long Pistachio, Ahmad Aghaei is one of the most desirable, beneficial, delicious, and popular pistachio varieties in Iran and in the world.

The production hub of this type of pistachio is Nog of Rafsanjan and long Iranian pistachio Ahmad Aghaei export is done from this area. Long Ahmad Aghaie Pistachio is another type of Iranian pistachio, which looks similar to the Long Akbari pistachio. Ahmad Aghaei Long Pistachio is bigger and thicker than round fandoghi pistachio but shares a similar taste and quality.


Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio in the Food Industry

Iranian Ahmad Aghaei Long Pistachio can be used as nut, in bakery, food recipes, confectionery, and ice creams. It is often considered a commercial cultivator that serves different customers worldwide with its high quality and delicious flavor. This type of pistachio is mostly cultivated in Rafsanjan Provinces and is exported to the global market, directly.


Grandor Co is a wholesaler and exporter of Iranian Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei, Persian luxury pistachio
Ahmad Aghaei Long Iranian pistachio

Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is one of the most common types of Persian luxury pistachio. It serves a big community of consumers who prefer to have it as a snack, in combination with other nuts or alone and as part of their food and pastry.

Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio Kernels

Inside its white or yellow shells, lies the green or yellow kernel of the pistachio with a beautiful red skin. This makes Long Ahmad Aghaie Pistachio a high grade and luxury product compared to other available types of pistachio in the market. The regular size of each Ahmad Aghaei nut is between 26 to 30 mm. Each nut has an average weight of 22.1 (g) with an average dimension of 48.2 (mm of height) times 62.12 (mm of width). These numbers correspond to the dried nuts.

Long Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio is the most common type of pistachio in Iran and comes in three different types of raw pistachio, roasted pistachio, and roasted with salt. Roasting with some other flavors, such as paper or lime, is also possible. While most of Iran’s Ahmad Aghaei Long Pistachio is cultivated and harvested from Rafsanjan province, yet Qazvin is also known as the second primary producer of this type of pistachio. Grandor Co is a supplier, wholesaler, and exporter of all types of Iranian pistachio especially Ahmad Aghaei.


Inshell and closed Ahmad Aghaei

Moreover, one can classify Ahmad Aghaei Long Pistachio based on whether their shells are open or closed. Usually, Ahmad Aghaei Long Pistachio are harvested when they are naturally opened on the tree. However, a fraction of each tree’s product usually remains closed. Based on this fact, Long Ahmad Aghaie Pistachio can be classified as follow:

  • Natural open shell Ahmad Aghaei
  • Mechanically open shells Ahmad Aghaei
  • Closed shells Ahmad Aghaei

Those Long Ahmad Aghaei Pistachios with naturally open shells have a higher price in the local and global markets.

Production of Iranian Long Pistachio

As mentioned earlier, Rafsanjan and Qazvin are the two main production centers of Long Ahmad Aghaei Iranian Pistachio. Trees of this particular type of pistachio have rather high growth potential. With three meter height and four meter width, trees of Ahmad Aghaei Long Pistachio are known as highly productive with short fertility time.

Therefore, many farmers prefer to plant this type of pistachio due to its fast production time and high yield. This tree experiences a rather rapid growth from early July. By early September, pistachios are ready for harvesting. Proper harvesting time for Long Ahmad Aghaie Pistachio is late September and early October.

The global market of Long Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio wholesale

Long Ahmad Aghaie Pistachio is popular in the global pistachio wholesale market mainly because of its appearance, as well as its unique and attractive taste. Ahmad Aghaei Long Pistachio has a high export value for Iran, based on annual reports. This type of pistachio is particularly popular in Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, and India. It comes with no surprises that the production of Long Ahmad Aghaie Pistachio is increasing and becoming more dominant. Grandor operates as a supplier and exporter of Ahmad Aghaei Iranian Pistachio and Dried Nuts Export Company in Hong Kong, India, Poland, Dubai, etc.

Grandor all type of pistachios supplier and exporter
Grandor’s Iranian pistachio packages

Benefits of Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio

Similar to other types of pistachios, Long Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio is full of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and necessary nutrition. Thanks to its elegant taste, many people prefer to take this type of pistachio as a snack or include it in their food and pastry. Regular intake of Ahmad Aghaei Long Pistachio can be helpful for boosting the energy level and body’s physiological responses. It can also protect the body against free radicals that, in general, affect the healthy cells of the body.

Regular intake of pistachio can reduce stress level, relaxes the heart and neuron system of the body. It can also help solve some of the digestive problems. Long Ahmad Aghaie Pistachio nuts are a rich source of Iron. Therefore, including it in the daily diet can help in anemia and any other diseases related to the blood.

Benefits and Pistachio nutrition
Ahmad Aghaei pistachio

In contrast to Fandoghi pistachio, Long Ahmad Aghaie Pistachio has lower levels of calorie while it is often referred to as a rich source for Protein. Therefore, a regular intake of this substance can help in losing weight while keeping the functionality of the body at its average level.

Storage conditions for Long Ahmad Aghaie

You can keep the Ahmad Aghaei Long Pistachio in plastic or glass containers with closed doors in a cool and dry place. They should be kept away from direct sunlight. Following these instructions, you can keep Long Ahmad Aghaie Pistachio nuts for almost two years.

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