Dried Rose buds and petals

The company is proud of marketing dried Rose in the form of bud or petal. It is worth mentioning that, in order to keep the color and fragrance of the product in its pristine condition permanently, it is desiccated through a special method. It is of use to cosmetic, hygienic and food industry.


The dried rose warm nature in traditional medicine. Dried rose buds are used in foods, pastries, desserts, jams and ice creams. Regarding dried rose buds exporting markets, their main source is Iran. In this article, we are going to answer the questions such as what is dried rose buds? How to use dried rose? What is dried rose benefits?:

What is Dried Rose?

Rose or Mohammadi is a type of rose widely used and cultivated in Iran. Dried rose buds or petals are made of fresh rose that are dried through special processes.


How to use Dried Rose?

This fragrant flower is used in making rose, jam, fragrance, powder in spices, dried rose buds, in confectionery and so on.


What is Dried Rose benefits?

Dried rose are warm in nature and great for soothing nerves. You can make tea from these lovely, fragrant petals and make a 100% Eastern and soothing drink. So here’s a cup of health. Another point regarding dried rose benefits is that his beautiful flower is rich in vitamin C. According to the Food and Drug Administration, petals and stems of this flower (especially raw) are a rich source of vitamin C. You should know that in the process of flower drying, 25 to 60 percent of the vitamin C in it is destroyed. Therefore, it is recommended to use fresh roses in tea making as much as possible. Remember that vitamin C is important for the immune system, maintaining skin and bones health. This vitamin has an important role in the absorption of iron.

Dried rose buds Grandor Company
Dried rose buds Grandor Company – Dried Fruit export
Dried Rose Usages

Dried rose can be used in various forms, one of them is the Rosemary tea or herbal tea, which is a wonderful and aromatic drink with exemplary and addictive properties for those who are interested in hot drinks.

Rose tea is good for detoxification of the body. Regular consumption of dried rose tea helps to detoxify and cleanse the body in the first place. Because it affects the liver and cleans it. This aromatic drink is diuretic and controls the state of water preservation in the body. Of course, it should not be said that a flower will spring. This means that you cannot enjoy these unique properties by drinking a cup of rose tea. You should take this drink on a regular basis and for a long period of time.


Dried Rose Storage conditions

Regarding dried rose storage conditions, you should keep them in a glass container to avoid the sunlight. They should be kept in a dark place so you can have them between 1 to 3 years.

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