Closed Mouth Pistachio nuts

It is a kind of pistachio whose shell is not open yet. It is used for production of kernel. The percentage of kernel is of contributing factor in determining its price.


Various types of pistachio nuts are available for pistachio export. One of the traditional types of pistachio nuts is closed mouth pistachio. These types of dried fruits are fresh and closed therefore are used to produce the kernels. Following we are going to speak about pistachio calories, pistachio benefits and pistachio nutrition

Various types of pistachios including closed mouth pistachio
Closed Mouth Pistachio


Benefits of Pistachio Nuts

Since no chemical process has been done over the closed mouth pistachio high levels of protein in this dried fruit are beneficial for the growth of muscles and tissues in the fetus, antioxidants in pistachio nuts such as polyphenols, vitamin E and carotene help strengthen the immune system of pregnant women.


On the other hand, high levels of copper in closed mouth pistachio increase red blood cell production and help in the treatment of anemia during pregnancy. And most importantly, the omega-3 fatty acids in the pistachio brain stimulate the fetal brain. Pistachio prevents infectious diseases and keeps cancer away.

Among other pistachio benefits, we can mention the ability of improving brain health. You can keep your weight constant by using a balanced pistachio as pistachio calories are low. It helps digestion and improves the digestive process. Pistachio intake has a great effect on preventing cardiovascular diseases. Pistachio kernels made from them due to having iron are creating blood cells and those with anemia should eat some pistachios daily.


Closed Mouth Pistachio or Roasted Pistachio?

Regarding pistachio nutrition, you need to know if closed mouth pistachio is better or roasted one? Therefore, let’s have a look on what happens to pistachio nutrition when it is roasted. The roasting process of pistachios leads to loss of its antioxidant properties and reduced protein digestibility and loss of essential amino acids and ultimately reduces the nutritional value of pistachios. Daily consumption of roasted and salted pistachios also increases the risk of hypertension. Because half a cup of salted pistachio increases sodium intake to 2 to 4 mg and increases blood pressure.

Closed mouth pistachio like fresh pistachio reduces harmful cholesterol levels and protects your heart. If you have type 2 diabetes, you can count on pistachios because it is high in phosphorus. These delicious nuts strengthen the immune system and strengthen the various glands of the body and improve its function.


For whom is harmful and forbidden?

Along with all the above mentioned properties, unnecessary consumption of dried fruit including pistachio nuts can be harmful. Consumption of large quantities of pistachio nuts or closed mouth pistachio has side effects such as hypertension, gastrointestinal, gastric and so on.

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