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If you like to know about the process of export pistachio, the customer’s needs must be put into consideration. Each country has some standards to buy wholesale pistachio nut. So the required quality of each country differs. As an example the European customers among pistachio export countries order the highest quality of pistachio nut, so the pistachio nut quality matters a lot. Pistachios need special geographical conditions and climate to grow. The pistachio tree needs hot and long summers as well as cold winters and is damaged by high humidity in this season. Climate change in various regions, including Iran and the United States, has caused pistachio prices to increase because the amount of crop has decreased.


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Based on the pistachio export standards of the country, Iran’s pistachio exporter company provides the nut and sells to them based on a specific pistachio price. The type of pistachio is another factor that plays a significant role. The pistachio nut manufacturers must reach the standards that are ordered by the customer. The pistachio nut should be qualified based on quality assurance tests for foods. In this test, the amount of aflatoxin and many other substances are measured. Based on the test the pistachio exporter countries ensure the foreign customers of the quality of pistachio nut and they can determine the pistachio price. In Germany and many other European countries, the low level of aflatoxin is considered.

Pistachio exporter countries

Pistachio is a kind of tree that produces pistachio nut. Pistachio is a worthy nut in all over the world and it is a beneficial agricultural products. The Iranian pistachio export has a rich history and is counted as a conventional trade between Iran and foreign countries. Iran is one of the largest pistachio exporters in the world and many countries import the pistachio nut only from Iran. Iran exports almost 200000 tons of pistachio nuts annually and the high quality of pistachio nut is proved over recent years. The Unites states are the second pistachio manufacturer country in the world and the third place belongs to turkey. The third competitor of these two pistachio manufacturers in recent years has been Turkey, although pistachio export in Turkey is very limited compared to these two countries. These three countries are the largest pistachio manufacturers in the world. The main manufacturers’ countries determine the pistachio global wholesale market prices. Other pistachio nut manufacturer countries are China, Greece, Italy, and Tunisia.
The seeds and the plant of the first pistachios planted in the United States were Iranian pistachio that have changed their taste due to changes in soil and climate, But Turkish pistachio has a different nature.


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Unfortunately, recent droughts have somehow decreased the quality and quantity of products in this region, but you can go to this city to supply different types of pistachios.
Rafsanjan pistachio products: There are gardens and villages around the city of Rafsanjan, each of which specifically produces a specific type of pistachio in a specialized way and if you intend to buy pistachio you should be familiar with the products of each region.

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Pistachio Price

Each year, the international pistachio price is determined by the main Pistachio exporters.
The world pistachio manufacturing industry has financial benefits of several billion dollars a year and the Pistachio global wholesale market prices are increasing as the number of pistachio fans in the world is growing.
The United States and Iran are the pioneers in the pistachio industry and they have first place in the global pistachio trade, more than half of the need for the pistachio in the world is provided by The United States and Iran in recent years.
The fresh Iranian pistachio price is different and the pistachio wholesale price depends on the type of pistachio. Moreover, the amount of product supply to the market also determines the Pistachio wholesale price. There are several ways to get the price of this product, such as contacting reputable centers or reputable online sites. There are many Iran pistachio exporter companies selling pistachios, but how to identify and communicate with the best companies and centers is considered by most buyers.

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